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Lion Weathervane – Roaring

Roaring Lion on Cliff Weather Vane


We enjoyed designing and crafting this Lion Roaring Weathervane. We really think we captured the King of the Jungle here. For so many the lion has meaning and connection. The lion plays parts in religion, poetry, and shamanistic totems. Just the nobility of this beast sparks creative imagining.

In this example the copper sculpture piece and brass cliff are crafted in swell bodied style. The customers requested optional gold leafing on the ‘king’s’ mane, teeth, and tuft on tail. This combination will weather beautifully, with both subtle and bright contrasts. Also as pictured are custom glass eyes.

Because the customers for this weather vane live on an island in the Caribbean, it was decided that our heaviest security device was appropriate to protect as much as possible from the hurricane winds they sometimes experience.