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Little Red Riding Hood Weathervane – Wolf Standing

Little Red Riding Hood Weather Vane with Big Bad Wolf


This Little Red Riding Hood Weathervane with Wolf Standing was commissioned by a woman who was an obvious huge fan of this allegorical tale. She also ordered a Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf in Bed Weathervane. The story of Little Red Riding Hood has changed much in its history, and been subject to numerous modern adaptations and readings. There are ancient versions of a similar tale of disobedience, danger and wily cunning in most cultures.

Here, Little Red Riding Hood is giving directions to her Grandmother’s house to the ever so polite Big Bad Wolf in the forest. This weathervane is enhanced by the addition of optional gold leaf accents that will shine bright as the copper darkens and then patinas. The eyes of the wolf are of glass, and the color is chosen at the time of your order.

These charming vanes are crafted in the swell bodied style, giving them depth, with soft fabrics and textured fur. Through the years our artisans have developed techniques, and special hammers for creating furs that have an authentic look for each animal they represent.