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Llama Weathervane – Standing

Llama Weather Vane Standing


The very first commissioned weathervane made here at West Coast Weather Vanes was for a Llama in 1989. A neighbor knew we were starting this new business venture and placed the order. After tinkering in our studio for three or four months, we summoned our courage and showed him the finished piece. He loved it and encouraged us to go to a Llama and Alpaca Show to display our work.

We worked feverishly for several more months making Llama weathervanes and then took another deep breath and decided to attend a Llama Show in the central California foothills. As we were setting up our new display booth for the very first time, we were immediately asked if we could make an Alpaca Weathervane by one of the show attendees. We agreed to create a Huacaya for them but our nerves failed us when another attendee asked us to make an intricately furred Suri Alpaca.  Ten years later, when our technical skill was sufficient, we proudly completed our first Suri Alpaca Weathervane.

Our earliest llama weathervanes were assembled of multiple pieces. Today’s more technically accomplished West Coast Weather Vanes llamas do not require as many pieces and have a more flowing and naturalistic look. We can easily turn this weather vane into a portrait of your llama by using optional gold and/or palladium leafing to match its unique markings. Just send us a photo and we can make this a portrait weather vane of your llama! There are also several different arrow styles to select from. We are happy to review the choices available to you when you are ready to order.

Here is a photo of recent custom ordered Llama Weather Vane with a Sun and Moon, Yin Yang business logo as the fletching.