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Llama Weathervane with optional Sun and Moon, Yin and Yang

Standing Llama Weather Vane with Sun & Moon, Yin Yang symbol

With Sun and Moon on Arrow
Basic Standing Llama ONLY

This Llama, Standing Weathervane with Sun and Moon, Yin Yang was commissioned by a couple who wanted to incorporate their business logo with their llama weather vane. Incorporating a business logo as an element of the arrow’s fletching is such a great idea we are amazed we never thought of it previously!

The very first commissioned weather vane made here at West Coast Weather Vanes was for a Llama in 1989. A neighbor knew we were starting this new business venture and placed the order.  Our knowledge and skills have improved exponentially through the ensuing decades. Many Llama Weathervanes later, our Llamas are now fabricated with fewer seams, wonderfully textured fur, and greater overall technique. We really are quite proud. The artists who have been with us for so many years, have honed their skills with exceptional specificity, and it shows in every weather vane.

For this sculpture piece the copper llama and the logo are fabricated in swell bodied style. It is also what we refer to as ‘Mirror Image’, meaning it looks exactly the same from both sides. The llamas brown eyes are glass. These customers requested the option of having the sun of the logo be gilded in gold leaf, and the moon gilded in silvery palladium leaf. These two elements will be bright and eye catching through the years as the coppers weathers, darkens, and patinas.

The pricing shown here is for the llama only. If you want to include an additional element, as has been done here with the circular logo, we’d be happy to discuss the details and pricing.