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Logo Weathervane Outside the Box – Exclusive

Outside the Box Exclusive Logo Weather Vane


This Outside the Box Logo Weathervane is a great example of using a weather vane to advertise and locate a business. Historically, as weathervanes became prominent, beyond aristocratic coats of arms, one of the first ‘commoner’ uses was as business signage. They were a very efficient way of directing customers to a storefront and illustrating what takes place inside to a largely illiterate working society. Hence, an anvil weathervane for a blacksmith, or a chicken weathervane where poultry and eggs are sold.

This exclusive logo is that of a design company in New Jersey. They were renovating their offices in a historic building from the 1850’s, and wanted to replace the existing, antique vane with one that is the business logo. And an exuberant logo it is. Our artisans had fun crafting this piece.

The metals used are brass for the book, copper for the fanciful pencil, and palladium gilding for the logo and the sharpened wood of the pencil tip. It is a very effective visual combination. The copper and brass will weather and patina into similar but distinct shadings, while the palladium gilding will remain in bright contrast.