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Lovebirds Weathervane – On Branch

Lovebirds Weather Vane on Cherry Blossom Branch


This Love Bird Weathervane, Agapornis, is one of our more delicate designs. It is a popular gift for weddings and anniversaries. Both of these love birds and the cherry blossom petals pictured here have optional gold leafing applied, which creates a nice contrast with the tree branch. This particular customer also requested that both birds have different colored translucent glass eyes.

While a garden setting is a lovely location for this piece, customers have also displayed this vane on gazebos and turrets.  

There is a tradition that dates back to the Victorian Age that when you make a handmade copper weathervane, just before you seal the final seam, you slip a ‘lucky penny’ from the current year inside the sculpture piece for good luck. Sometimes you can still find old copper weathervanes that have an Indian head copper penny inside that was put there over a century ago! Because we make each Weathervane to order, you could put copper pennies from the year a couple got together in one Love Bird and a penny from the year the anniversary is being celebrated in the other.

We can also engrave a special inscription into the tree branch to celebrate the occasion!

This weathervane design is ideal for illustrating a point about sizing for your location. While the overall sculpture piece featured here is three feet long, each of the birds is only about 14 inches tall. Compared with something like a three-foot Grizzly Bear Weathervane, it has a smaller presence when viewed from a distance. In some cases, while a two-foot grizzly bear weathervane might be perfectly sized for a given location, if the Love Birds were your choice, you might want to consider ordering it in the larger three-foot size.