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Mermaid and Dog Weathervane

Mermaid with Golden Retriever Weather Vane


This Mermaid and Dog Weathervane is a sweet addition to our very popular Mermaid options. You will see from the photos that the copper sculpture piece is crafted as a mirror image, meaning however the wind blows you are viewing the lovely mermaid from the front. To accomplish this the detailed, swell-bodied construction needed to have the figures in profile, while maintaining a sweet naturalness to the pose. Love the results. The mermaid pictured has green glass eyes, the dog’s are brown. This customer requested an inscription on the horizontal copper mounting tube, and ‘Lucky Pennies‘ inside the mermaid in addition to the traditional penny from the year the vane is crafted.

This sculpture piece would take well to optional gilding on the hair, fur or skin in gold or palladium leaf, if you wanted some bright, eye catching elements to make it stand out in a busy background. The copper will gradually darken and then patina as the vane weathers. The timing for this is dependent on the climate location where it is mounted.

This is also a design that would quite naturally customize into a portrait piece. Because every weather vane created here at West Coast Weather Vanes is made to order we enjoy adding personal touches. You send us pictures and our amazingly talented artisans do their best to execute a likeness in the copper. Do call if you would like to explore this.