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Monkey Family Weathervane

Three Monkey Family Weathervane


We just finished up a new Monkey Family Weathervane that has become an instant favorite around here. We are working with a family on the East Coast that loves monkeys. They requested a design with a father monkey offering a banana to the mother and baby monkey.

A design like this is quite unique for a number of reasons. First, it is fairly rare to do more than a single figure on a weathervane. In this case, we wanted to get all three figures individually situated on a 1” diameter copper tube yet give them a feeling of interacting with each other. In addition, this vane has a high degree of technical difficulty as the features have to be delicately and distinctly crafted for it to work and the baby’s face is quite intricate. Further, because a weathervane turns in the wind, the design has to work well on both sides of the sculpture piece so no matter which way the wind blows; it conveys this deep family bond.

When combined with the tradition of the “lucky” pennies, this can be a very special weathervane. We can hardly wait to see this piece as the copper transforms through the brown tones!

The way we envision this weathervane, the monkeys would be make in copper, in swell bodied style with the baby being mirror image, the banana peel would be made in brass and the banana itself could be optionally gold leafed, acting as a sweet focal point for the sculpture. Each monkey would have brown glass eyes with black pupils to give it a more lifelike appearance. However, we could use translucent glass jewels for eyes to create a more personal look if so desired.