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Fish Weathervane – With Moon – Exclusive

Moon Weather Vane with Fish Leaping


This Leaping Fish Weather Vane with Moon is one of our exclusive weathervane designs. The customer who commissioned this vane supplied us with a design of his own creation and we worked closely with him to translate his vision into a dynamic working weathervane.

Even though this customer is the only person who has this particular weathervane design, I’ve included it here to show, among other things, one of the many different positions in which a fish can be displayed. It also is a good example of the incorporation of nickel silver into a weather vane. Nickel silver is a non-ferrous metal, meaning it won’t rust, so it can be used to complement copper and/or brass in constructing a weathervane.

Another reason I wanted to display this weathervane is to illustrate that, by using your imagination, you may come up with something really interesting. Other pairings that come to mind when seeing this weathervane are a Hippocampus, the mythological creature that is part fish and part horse, or you could combine two such fish mirroring each other to represent Pisces, the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Or, following the astrological theme, you could even transform the sculpture piece into Capricornus, the famous half goat, half fish from the Zodiac.

It is a good day when someone calls us up with an idea they’d like made into a weathervane. Some of the best weathervanes that have ever come out of our studio are the result of customers calling and saying, “Could you make me a ……”.