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Mortar and Pestle Weathervane

Pharmacy Mortar and Pestle Weather Vane


Our Mortar and Pestle Weathervane was first commissioned as one of a pair for a professional couple, she a pharmacist and he an oral surgeon. There home has two cupolas so they also commissioned a Tooth and Forceps Weathervane for balance. The pair are pictured above. Because they ordered the two weathervanes simultaneously, they received a 10% discount on both.*




The Mortar and Pestle in this piece are made of copper. They are constructed in swell-bodied style, with the pestle being almost 3Dimensional. There is optional gold leafing on the mortar to highlight the Rx insignia. Writing up this description got us wondering what Rx really means and its derivation. Hence wiki, ‘this symbol originated in medieval manuscripts as an abbreviation of the Late Latin verb recipe, the imperative form of recipere, “to take” or “take thus”.’ Now we all know.

*All of our customers enjoy a 10% discount on future weathervanes ordered.