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Mountain Climbers Weathervane – Exclusive

Mountain Climbers Weather Vane


Our Mountain Climbers Weathervane was ordered by a family that enjoys combining exercise and nature, be it skiing, hiking, sailing…the works. They especially enjoy mountain climbing together. As the Dad (who was surprising the family with this wonderful weather vane) wrote to us on why he chose this subject:

We have greatly enjoyed mountaineering trips.  As a family, we have climbed many of New Hampshire’s peaks. On the more adventurous side, we have climbed together Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France and 20,000-foot peaks in the Himalayas. The excitement and serenity of the mountains means a lot to our family.

This vane is a portrait of the family’s three children, and there are touches that reflect their individuality. One child is carrying baguettes, another prompting everyone with enthusiasm, and in the lead the stalwart big brother. We worked from family photos to create the portraits, and mountaineering photos our client sent exhibiting the kind of look he was going for.

The design incorporates both copper and brass. The helmets, packs, leg straps and gaiters are brass. The rest of the vane is copper, with optional gold leaf gilding on the faces and hands, and palladium leaf on the pick heads and crampons. As this sculpture weathers, the difference in the brass and copper will become appealingly subtle. The gilding will remain bright and eye-catching for many years.

Because this design is crafted in detailed swell-bodied style, we were able to achieve life-like action in the positioning. The children have glass eyes. There are inscriptions on both sides of the copper tube the mountain rises from, and ‘Lucky Pennies’ from the years of birth are sealed inside each child. Pennies from the parents birth years cap the tube.

A security device was requested because the weathervane is being mounted in a high wind area. If you look carefully at the pictures above, it is the little set of black ‘ears’ above the upper globe. This device helps prevent the attached sculpture piece from flying off its mounting.

We would be happy to work with you in creating a family heirloom that will bring so much pleasure for many many years.