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Mt. Rainier Weathervane

Mountain Scene Weather Vane


This Mount Rainier Weathervane was originally ordered in 2003 (our digital photography skills have improved a lot since then!) by a family who live with and love the view of this dramatic peak. Weather vanes that reflect their surroundings can be very effective, especially when they capture a beloved element from their setting, be it a garden plant, a particular tree, or a distant view.

Our wonderful designers and artisans collaborated to do something interesting in creating this swell bodied copper sculpture piece of Mount Rainier. While the mountain’s silhouette is accurate as the vane spins in the wind, the trees were crafted in what we call ‘mirror image’, meaning they are the same from both sides. This creates a fully wooded look to the piece however it spins.

For the branches on the trees we used brass. With new metals copper and brass have a lot of contrast, but as they weather and darken they will become quite similar, with subtle differences. When the green patina develops on the brass tree limbs it will be simply lovely, especially with the bright snow effect created of the included gold leafing*.

* Because the cost of gold leaf fluctuates frequently, it is possible that the price for this weathervane could go up or down based on current market conditions. Please verify pricing with us prior to placing your order.