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Noah’s Ark Weathervane – All Animals

Noah's Ark Weather Vane with Animals


West Coast Weather Vanes offers several versions of this Noah’s Ark Weather Vane. The original (shown here) was commissioned by a couple in Oregon whose seven year old son’s name is Noah. Their son selected the animals he wanted to see loading onto the Ark. We also put an inscription on their weathervane that said NOAH’S ARK and included a ‘lucky’ penny from the year of his birth inside the sculpture piece. Someday, perhaps when this Noah is a grandfather, he will be able to tell his grandkids about his special weathervane and the ‘lucky’ penny that sits inside it in his honor!

In this design, Noah stands just in front of his ark carefully making note of each pair of animals climbing aboard as the sun peeks out from behind the gathering storm clouds and a dove flies up into the sky. To add a whimsical touch of drama, one Kangaroo stands on deck anxiously watching its mate belatedly making its way towards the ramp.

Customers interested in personalizing their Noah’s Ark Weathervane may choose which animals they wish to see on, or boarding the ark. For example, this weathervane has been popular with veterinarians, but instead of exotic Spider Monkeys, Lions, Rhinoceros, Giraffes and Elephants, they choose cats, dogs, horses, goats, donkeys, sheep and cattle. These adaptations are possible because our artisans handcraft every vane to order. The difference in price for each weathervane is determined by the amount of time it takes to create it. Typically, the more animals we add, the longer it takes to make it.

Hearing back from customers is one of our favorite things. Here is an email we received a couple of years ago from the father of our original Noah. It made our day!


Noahs-Ark-Weathervane-070209-TX1“Hi LizAnne: My son was looking at your website, saw this and asked me if it was about him. I told him it was. He thought it was pretty cool and wanted to send you a current picture. So here is the original Noah that this Weathervane was designed for. He is now 17 and going to be a senior. As you can see, we have the weathervane in the living room (I look at it more as art and love to have it where people can see it up close! ). Thanks again for such a great piece of artwork! Ted”