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Nurse Shark Weathervane

Shark Weather Vane - Nurse Shark


This Nurse Shark Weathervane (Ginglymostoma cirratum) was commissioned by a lovely family matriarch for her new home in Hawaii. Because she was such a caring, protective, and nurturing Mom her kids took to referring to her as ‘Nurse Shark’ and still do. So why not a weather vane to acknowledge that flattering appellation? Nurse sharks are also present in the waters of Hawaii; though they’ve yet to be seen wearing a nurse’s cap!

The shark sculpture piece is fabricated in copper, in the detailed swell-bodied style. The eyes are glass. Our client requested optional gold leaf on the nurse’s cap (a sweet personal touch) and red enamel for the detail. As this weathervane darkens and eventually patinas in the marine environment, this cap will remain a bright contrast for many years.

This pricing is for the Nurse Shark only. Contact us for the addition of the little nurses cap.

There is something about weathervanes that makes it easy to bring personal meaning to it. They not only serve as a piece of functional art but can make a lovely statement about the person for whom it is being made. Most people who see this shark atop this home will think ‘hey, great shark weathervane.’ But some will know the real story – a family heirloom with an intriguing backstory behind its creation!