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Owl Weathervane-Great Horned Flying

Great Horned Owl Flying Weather Vane


Our flying Great Horned Owl Weathervane was originally designed to be mounted on a barn cupola in upstate New York. These customers are avid bird watchers and collectors of folk art. They already had several antique animal weathervanes mounted on their property, all of which are named! This ‘wise owl’ was to be named Einstein.

A fun serendipity for this creation concerns the choice of subject. Our clients decided on a great horned owl because they hear them regularly at their home, but never see them in flight. As we were in the design process they went on holiday to the Galapagos Islands and there, all those miles away, they were surprised at a sighting. Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

Funny, we are in the Galapagos at the moment and saw this owl here on the property. First time I ever saw an owl in the wild, even though we hear them at night at home all the time. Luckily I had my iPad handy to take a picture. Made me think of the weathervane. Good karma. At first I wasn’t sure, but after looking at it and the real life photos, I think the horns (tufts) is a very good idea…I think the drawing looks awesome.

This piece is fabricated of copper sheet in detailed swell-bodied fashion, with glass eyes and optional gold leafing to bring up the detail. Gilding on a copper weather vane will provide decades of bright contrast as the copper weathers, darkens, and patinas. Because of their windy site this customer also requested we add a security device to be extra safe.

PS: We just got received some wonderful photos of ‘Einstein’ flying above the new barn. Apparently, he is a big hit in the neighborhood:

It is cute, whenever the kids walk by, because they always yell up to the owl

“Hi, Einstein”.