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Owl Weathervane-Great Horned Hunting

Great Horned Owl Hunting Weather Vane


Our Hunting Great Horned Owl Weathervane is a wonderfully challenging design. It is a detailed, swell bodied construction in Mirror Image! It requires a great deal of technical expertise to be able to bring this together in such a way that every element matches up, and, by making it mirror image, you will always see the hunting owl from the front, its most visually interesting and dynamic position.

For this piece, the customers selected copper for the owl, and brass for the branch. The visual differences in these two metals are quite subtle, yet distinct, and carries through as the vane weathers and patinas. The optional gold leaf on the owl’s beak and talons provide another visually interesting element. The glass eye color and style was selected at the time the design was being completed.

On each of the directional letters, our customer opted for optional copper silhouette style mice for the owl’s hunting quarry. The incorporation of figures onto the directional letters extends the sculptural story and is original to West Coast Weather Vanes, though others have employed it in the years since we first presented it to the world.

Also on the vane pictured is the lovely inscription, ‘SAPIENTIAM QUAERERE‘—Search for Wisdom. Our customers come up with the greatest ideas for personalizing their weather vanes, just think how impactful that can be as this art piece is passed through the generations!