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Owl Weathervane – Snowy Owl Soaring

Soaring Snowy Owl Weather Vane


This Soaring Snowy Owl Weathervane was ordered by a multi-generational family living on the New England Seashore. Everyone in the family loved owls, and the kids loved Harry Potter, so they agreed they wanted a 3Dimensional, soaring snowy owl with yellow glass taxidermy eyes. The vane was to be mounted atop a cupola on the younger family’s section of the compound, where it would be seen easily when walking on the beach.

Optional gold leaf was requested for the beak and talons on this all copper sculpture piece, creating bright detail that accents the yellow eyes. All of our flying designs come with a security device included, which was especially needed here, on a windy seashore. We wouldn’t want this snowy owl to literally take flight! In addition, because of the windy location, we added little strengthening gussets under the wings, where they join the body, giving additional points of attachment (seen clearly in the face-on close up).

Lucky Pennies‘ from important family dates were secured inside the owl body in addition to the traditional penny from the year the weather vane was completed.

Here is a lovely excerpt from an appreciative note we received from these clients. It made our day!

“We are so delighted with our sweet snowy white owl, named Willow!!  She soars above my daughter’s family unit above the 3 car garage.  Walking along the ocean you can see her moving and looking regal!! Thank you so much for this fine piece of art and legacy!”