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Paddle Tennis Racquet Weathervane

Tennis Weather Vane-Paddle Racquet


This Paddle Tennis Racquet Weathervane was commissioned by the Ruth Lake Country Club of Hinsdale, Illinois. They were building a new gazebo in the paddle tennis area of their grounds and thought it would be a fun location device. They requested this copper sculpture piece have optional gold gilding on the ball, and the handle. They also had the Country Club Logo of crossed golf clubs and golf ball gilded onto the racket ‘net’. Its a fun piece and we enjoyed making it.

In fact, we enjoy all of our custom logos. Historically, weathervanes were largely used to locate places of commerce in the days where so many lacked literacy. A pig for a butcher, an anvil for a smithy, or a steer for a ranch are just a few. And we have fabricated many business weathervanes through the years.

If you have an idea of a design to enhance your business presence, or have found an existing design of ours that we could customize to suit your business, we would love to discuss your project.