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Peace Sign Weathervane

Peace Symbol Weather Vane


This Peace Sign Weathervane was inspired by a lovely woman from England who is very devoted to finding pathways to peace in her nation and the world. I guess you would call her a Peace Activist. She discovered West Coast Weather Vanes while visiting her son, a musician visiting here to play in the Baroque Music Festival at the University of California Santa Cruz. They came by the studio for a tour on their way to the airport to fly home to Britain, and we surprised them with her finished weather vane. They later wrote:

It took most of the trip back up to Oakland airport for us to begin to recover from our visit to your lovely workshop. It was already so amazingly kind that you were willing to let us visit – a dream for my mother – but to pick up the unexpectedly finished weather vane, and exactly as she had dreamed of, put us into a mild sort of shock. Such imagination, hard work and creativity are so rare these days, and to find such kindness along with it is overwhelming. Thank you so very much!!

Our artisans fabricated this piece primarily out of copper pipe (getting that circle round was an interesting challenge). Then we needed to make it spin in the wind. The design itself being equally distributed on the rod meant the wind catcher had to be created in the arrow and fletching. The hollow tip of the arrow and the supersized fletching did the trick.