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Pelican Weathervane – Soaring

Pelican Weather Vane Soaring (Pelecanus occidentalis)


This iconic Soaring Pelican Weather Vane, Pelecanus, shows a pelican soaring just over the waves that appear along the coastlines they frequent. As an option, the Soaring Pelican Weathervane may be ordered with an optional fish in its beak. The fish can be either nickel silver, palladium leaf, copper or brass.

The waves have been added as a “wind catcher” insuring the weathervane turns correctly. A weather vane must have more surface area to the back of the pivot point to turn accurately. By adding the waves the pelican will turn into the wind. The waves can be made of copper or brass depending on customer preference of metal.

We have made this Pelican with blue glass eyes with black pupils and yellow glass eyes with black pupils. We have also made it with blue or topaz translucent glass jewels. The choice is yours. If you look closely, you can see that we’ve also tipped the top of the waves with optional gold leafing. This is in addition to the optional gold leaf we often apply to the pelican’s beak and feet. As the copper and brass darken, the gold trimmed waves and the bird’s beak and feet will stand out in dramatic contrast, creating a very beautiful effect.

This Soaring Pelican Weathervane has outstretched wings which, in high winds, can exert upward pressure on the sculpture piece. For this reason the Soaring Pelican, as with our airplane weathervanes, comes standard with a security device that allows the vane to turn freely but prevents it from rising upwards in heavy weather. Looking closely, you’ll see that we have also put “gussets” on the underside of the wings. This strengthens the outstretched wings and keeps them from buckling upwards on those rare days when winds are exceedingly strong.