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Peregrine Falcon Weathervane Flying

Peregrine Falcon Weather Vane Flying


This Peregrine Falcon Weathervane was part of a larger, educational project. When the Bethel School District, in Eugene Oregon, was building two brand new schools to replace two established schools built in the 1950’s, they called us. They wanted weathervanes depicting their falcon and mustang mascots, to be mounted on the respective school cupolas.

The school district allowed their talented and spirited staffs to choose the designs for their schools, and it was a community building event. We love the choices. Here’s the school’s article on mounting their falcon weathervane.

This beautiful bird is fashioned of copper, with glass eyes, in swell bodied style, by Rolando. He is one of our expert artisans and loves depicting birds most of all, though his talents include all forms, he excels in the muscularity and grace of animals. The school district also requested a security device be installed, just to be extra careful in their windy location.