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Peter and the Wolf Weathervane

Peter and the Wolf Weather Vane - Marching to the Zoo

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Our Peter and the Wolf Weathervane was originally commissioned by a family that particularly loved this children’s symphony with narration, by Prokofiev. Our master artisans had such a good time creating this complex piece! Their custom made hammers for texturing fur and forest came in very handy. The customer for the version pictured here chose the colors for Peter and the animal’s glass eyes, and selected optional gold leafing accents for the tree and Peter’s face and attire.  As this weathervane weathers and patinas over time these bright spots will become even more distinct. For depth this piece is created in the swell bodied style. The little glass ball at the top of the tree works its magic as the sun hits it throughout the day.

Prokofiev’s story is of Peter, a young boy, who lives with his grandfather in the Russian countryside. One day Peter leaves the garden gate open, and the duck takes the opportunity to go swimming on the nearby pond. She starts arguing with a little bird “What kind of bird are you if you can’t fly?” – “What kind of bird are you if you can’t swim?”. Peter’s pet cat sneaks up on them, and the bird – warned by Peter – flies into a tall tree.

But Peter’s grandfather is alarmed and angry at his having left the yard. He takes him back into the garden and locks the gate in case any wolves come near. Shortly afterwards a big, grey wolf does indeed come out of the woods. The cat climbs into the tree, but the duck, who has left the pond, is swallowed by the wolf. Peter fetches a rope and climbs over the garden wall into the tree. He asks the bird to fly around the wolf’s head, while he lowers a noose and catches the wolf by his tail. Hunters come out of the woods and take the wolf to a far away wood where it can’t get to Peter and his friends. From then on Peter’s granddad lets Peter play in the field with his animal friends. In some versions, the duck is spat out of the wolf as he is hanging from the noose. She then joins everyone taking the wolf to the zoo.