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Polar Bear Weathervane with Leopard Seal

Polar Bear and Leopard Seal Weather Vane

Polar Bear with Leopard Seal Weathervane
Standing Polar Bear Weathervane

This Polar Bear Weathervane design is created in copper in a highly detailed swell-bodied style. To capture the Polar Bear’s distinctive white fur, we used optional gold leaf on its entire coat as well as the spots on the Leopard Seal’s coat. In addition, the details of the bear’s fur are enhanced with distinct tooling. Glass eyes give both the polar bear and the leopard seal a realistic look. The addition of the gold leaf makes this one of our most striking weathervanes.

This weather vane is an example of a non-mirror image design. More typically, a weather vane is a mirror image, i.e. exactly the same on both sides. But when the goal is to convey a sense of action, it often works better to have two distinctly different sides. While more dynamic, this style of sculpture piece requires greater skill to construct.

This weathervane is also available without the seal, as shown here.

Standing Polar Bear

The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is a bear native to the Arctic. Polar bears and Kodiak bears are the world’s largest land carnivores, with most adult males weighing 300-600 kg (660-1320 lb); adult females are about half the size of males. Its fur is hollow and translucent, but usually appears as white or cream colored, thus providing the animal with effective camouflage. The polar bear is a vulnerable species at high risk of extinction.