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Quarter Horse and Donkey Weathervane

Donkey and Quarter Horse Weather Vane


Our Quarter Horse and Donkey Weathervane was commissioned by a couple who had rescued a donkey they named Casanova, to put to pasture on their Michigan ranch. To their pleasure, their Quarter Horse, Rowan, became pals with Casanova. Naturally, when it came time to choose a subject for the weather vane that would top the new stable they were building, a portrait vane displaying this friendship seemed a likely subject.

We decided together that a large vane would be the proper sizing because there are two detailed figures being viewed at a distance on the stable’s cupola. The option of gold gilding was also selected, to bring out the details of the two animals’ markings and to create a bright, eye-catching element on the copper sculpture pieces. This gold will remain bright for many decades, as the copper weathers, darkens, and patinas.

This weathervane is fabricated in the detailed swell-bodied style. The names of the animals are inscribed at their feet on one side of the arrow’s shaft, and the name and founding date of the farm are inscribed on the other side. Both Rowan and Casanova have brown glass eyes. Because the mounting location takes some strong storms the addition of an optional security device helps insure the sculpture piece remains atop its perch.

Their are ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important family dates attached in various locations on and in the weather vane, per this customer’s request. In the pictures, you can see two of them soldered to the strengthening gussets where the spire meets the arrow.

We recently received this note from this couple:

I’m totally thrilled with the weatherwane. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for all the hard work and details that went into it. It exceeded my expectations. What a fantastic finishing touch for our new barn. Thank you again.

If this weather vane inspires you, we can personalize it to suit your specific design ideas. Every weathervane is made to order here at West Coast Weather Vanes, and we’re happy to discuss the details of your vision.