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Robin Weathervane with Arrow

Robin on Arrow Weather Vane


This Robin Weathervane with Arrow was custom designed for the new horse barn at the Cool Springs Environmental Education Center in North Carolina. It is a sweet piece. The elements of the box construction on the arrow, and the soft shapes of the robin are quite charming together. This piece was fabricated in copper by our masters metalsmiths. The robin is 3Dimensional and has glass eyes. Optional gold leafing has been used effectively to add the Cool Springs Logo and the date of the barn’s raising on both sides, and to add detail to the robin’s breast, beak, and feet.

Historically, emblematic metal weather vanes were first used only by royalty and aristocrats to display their family crest. The next application was in the world of commerce. At a time when literacy was mostly restricted to wealthy men, there was a need to display the location of a business visually. This is when the weathervane took on the simultaneous role of signage for businesses. A rooster weathervane would be poultry farm, or an anvil would denote a blacksmith. This weather vane is merging the times. It is a business vane, but the illustration of that is a written logo. Here is a link to view others of our logo weathervanes: