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Roofer Weathervane – on Roof

Roofer Weather Vane on Roof


Our Roofer Weathervane was commissioned as a surprise gift for the husband and father of a family that was building a new home after many years of dreaming it into reality. The husband had worked long hours as a roofing contractor supporting his family, and the wife and sons wanted to acknowledge all that this meant to them. We personalized this design in a number of ways to make it a true portrait piece. They also sent pictures of ‘their’ roofer to match body type. We enjoy creating these customizations that give the sculpture such personal resonance.

Hi LizAnne. Very exciting to receive your email! The kids and I have voted and we like the top left pose (Image 1 I believe). Not sure if he’s wearing a hard hat or not, but Andre either doesn’t wear a hat or wears a baseball cap, hoping that’s an option that can be changed. I’m looking forward to working with you! Have a great day.

These clients chose to employ optional gold and palladium leafing to emphasize the details of the piece. For many years, as their vane weathers and the copper loses its shine the gilding will remain a bright contrast. They also selected glass eye color that matched ‘Dad’s’, and inscription with their family name and ‘Lucky Pennies’ from significant dates in their family to be sealed in the finished piece. What a fun project this was for us.