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Rooster Weathervane – Crowing

Crowing Rooster Weather Vane with Champagne Cork


Our customers for this Crowing Rooster Weathervane were building a farmhouse in a vineyard of the wine country of California’s Napa Valley. They wanted an exuberant, strutting, herald of the dawn with a wine cork held in the talons of his upraised foot. Because it was decided that an extra large size would best suit the visuals of the location and the scale of the home and cupola, we were able to include some really stunning detail. The pictures above show well the carefully feathered texturing and the metal layering our skilled artisans employed. Also selected were specialty red taxidermy glass eyes and optional gold leaf on the head and tail feathers and the feet of this swell-bodied copper sculpture piece. These customers chose our #13 Arrow and Fletching.

Part of the fun of ordering a weather vane from us are the choices and selections and variations possible. So much is determined by the customer before our skilled staff begins cutting the pieces from the copper sheet. This customer was inspired by our Rooster with Cocktail, and requested their own lovely variations, as you can see. Cocktail-Rooster-Weathervane-122309-WA1

We feel such satisfaction when we hear back that our customers loved their vane and loved their choices:

The weathervane is fabulous!! Thanks so much.