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Sailboat Weathervane – Firpo Island Whaler

Whaler Ship Weather Vane - Sailboat


This masted vessel was first commissioned by a history buff of his local Firpo Islands. It is designed in mirror image, swell-bodied style, and crafted of copper. The customer requested we use optional gold gilding to add dimension to the ocean swell and brilliance to the puffed out sails and waiving flag. With its seaside mounting this gilding will keep a wonderful brilliance as the copper quickly patinas in the ocean atmosphere.

Being a mirror image sculpture piece it will look the same from both sides, which works perfectly here because the hull of this historic vessel is identical at both ends.

We receive many orders for sailing vessels, often as gifts for special occasions or in appreciation to a skipper. These orders tend to fall into two divisions: replicas of beloved sailboats or historical reproductions. Please visit our sailboat section to explore these options, and if there is any way you would like to personalize on of our existing designs, or if there is some other design you are hoping to create, we would love to discuss it with you.