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Sailboat Weathervane – Herreshoff 15

Herreshoff 15 Sailboat Weather Vane


This Herreshoff 15 Sailboat Weathervane is a popular classic. Our customers for this vane have been homes and businesses. All lovers of this vintage and highly regarded “compromise sloop.” Between 1899 and 1928, ninety-two boats were built to the design. Only the S Boat, with ninety-four examples, and the venerable 12½ with 364 examples, were more sought after. HMCo records reveal that the original H-15 owners included many of the prominent yachtsmen of their era. Today, thirty-two of the original H-15s are known to exist, and new interpretations of the design continue to be built.

At West Coast Weather Vanes when we design a weather vane for a specific boat it is always better for us to have detailed pictures, particularly of the hull. This design was aided because we had detailed photos of a Herreshoff 15 in restoration. What a help that was! For this vessel you may choose between copper, brass, and nickel silver for the various elements. Optional gold leaf has been universally requested for the quest on transom and several customers asked that we also gild the sails, which we can do in either gold or palladium leaf. These bright highlights will be wonderful eye catchers as the other metals weather through the darkening tones and eventually patina.

Your boat’s name can be inscribed, or gold leafed, or both. The inscription often is done on the main mast, and occasionally on the hull.

Nathanael Greene Herreshoff (March 18, 1848 – June 2, 1938) was an American naval architect, mechanical engineer, and yacht design innovator. He produced a succession of undefeated America’s Cup defenders between 1893-1920. The 15-footer was one of the most popular products of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company (HMCo).