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Sailboat Weathervane – Traditional

Sailboat Weather Vane Traditional


The Traditional Sailboat Weather Vane shown here is a simple but instantly recognizable example of a classic sailboat weathervane. This one has brass sails, pennants, cabin and rudder. The masts, boom and hull were crafted in copper. Another popular metal choice is to make the boat all copper and, if desired, optional gold leaf. Some customers like the flags gilded or we can add gold and/or palladium leaf to match a particular sailboat’s distinctive sails.

Not surprisingly, sailboat weathervanes are popular with people living along coastlines as well as on large lakes where sailing is possible. Many of our sailboat vanes have been given as special birthday gifts or to crown the top of new homes being built within sight of large bodies of water.

When given as a gift, customers often avail themselves of a wonderful tradition involving ‘lucky’ pennies. Back in the Victorian age, several prominent weathervane makers introduced the tradition of sealing a copper penny from the year the weathervane was made inside. We continue that tradition here at West Coast Weather Vanes, but our variation is to let customers choose pennies from years special to them in addition to the penny from the year of inception. We have collected pennies for almost every year dating back to 1900. As long as your pennies are not rare or unusual, they are included in the price. For example, if this weathervane is a birthday present, we can attach ‘lucky’ penny(s) on the ship’s deck, if desired, so the recipient can see them when they open their gift.

Because coastal areas and large lakes are subject to occasional strong winds, we actually reinforce the weathervane sculpture pieces during fabrication to take this into account. While we can’t always guarantee they will survive a hurricane, a custom built weathervane will definitely be far stronger than one of mass manufacture.