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Scuba Diver Weathervane – Swimming

Swimming Scuba Diver Weather Vane


This Scuba Diver Weathervane featured consists of a copper scuba diver with brass face, hands and diving gear. The air tank was fabricated in nickel silver. In the case of this particular weather vane, our customer requested optional gold leaf on all of the brass parts, because they wanted those parts to remain a bright contrast as their copper diver weathers, and eventually forms a patina. Palladium leafing would be an option as well. Because our vanes are made to order, the choice of metals can be modified at the time your order is placed.

Our  original order for this scuba diver was in the small size. These customers further personalized their order by adding a small hammerhead shark and a 3 foot dive boat to this piece. Instead of displaying the hammerhead and scuba diver on their individual harnesses, we soldered them to the East and West directionals, so that the hammerhead appeared to be ‘chasing’ the scuba diver beneath the turning dive boat! It was a great idea and created an entire scene with interactive elements and a dramatic storyline. The dive boat was an actual scaled down replica of a real dive boat based in Santa Barbara.

The Scuba Diver Weather Vane can be very effectively paired with other of our weather vane designs to create a dramatic vignette against the skyline. For instance the Scuba Diver can be paired with the Manatee Weathervane. Again, when the wind blows one way, the scuba diver follows the sea life but when the wind switches direction, the sea creature starts following the scuba diver!

There are no limitations on the kind of sea creature we can craft for you. Among our ongoing favorites are our Great White Shark, Manatee, Sea Turtle, and Dolphin Weather Vanes.