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Turtle Weathervane – Sea Turtle & Coral

Sea Turtle Weather Vane with Coral (Eretmochelys imbricate)

with Sea Grass

The Sea Turtle Weather Vane with Coral, Eretmochelys imbricate, pictured here was crafted with a copper shell and a brass head, flippers and tail, swimming just above a copper coral sea floor. Each of our weathervanes is made to individual order so the combination of metals can vary from weathervane to weathervane depending on customer preference.

We also include custom made glass eyes, typically brown with black pupils, to give the Sea Turtle a more lifelike and animated appearance. However, if you prefer different colored eyes, we do have a range of choices from which you can select.

We also offer a variation on this Sea Turtle Weather Vane where we substitute slender brass sea grasses for the coral to give the scene a different feel. Both versions are equally popular; just let us know which version you like and we will make yours accordingly.

Recently, a customer graciously sent us an explanation of why she selected her Sea Turtle Weather Vane. It is a special story and she gave us her permission to share it here:

“Your Sea Turtle Weather Vane was made in honor of my father. He passed away over 10 years ago and his ashes were scattered on a beach in Maui (his favorite place) — on my last visit, I was snorkeling the same area, and kept seeing the same sea turtle day after day, it made me think of my father. The weathervane has 2 pennies — for my mother’s and father’s birth years. And the turtle’s eyes are deep blue — the color of my dad’s eyes. The inscription reads: “I’ll Be Seeing You”, which was one of my dad’s favorite tunes, and the song we played as my family said goodbye on that beach in Maui. I can’t imagine a better way to honor my father than with this beautiful piece of artwork.”

If you are a turtle fan, we also offer a Box Turtle Weather Vane and a fierce looking Snapping Turtle Weather Vane.