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Secret Garden Weathervane

Book Weather Vane with Bird and Key


When we got a call from a Master Gardener requesting a Secret Garden Weathervane we surprised her with our level of delight. The conversation quickly went to how we each had cherished since our girlhoods the wonderful 1911 story of little Mary Lennox, Dickon and Colin in the Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Everyone here at West Coast Weathervane has read and shared and loved this classic, loveable tale of wisdom, empathy and growth. If you have yet to read this book drop everything this minute and do so. You are in for a treat.

Everyone had fun perfecting this design: customer, designer, artisans and staff. The conversations were amusing, ‘It must have a key!’ ‘Oh yes, it must. And a bird!’ ‘Yes Yes!’ ‘The Robin! It must!’

The pictures show this customer’s requested optional gold leaf gilding on the book and the details of the robin’s breast, beak, and eyes. The book spine is stamped with the title. We hope you love this one as much as we.