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Sewing Machine Weathervane – Antique

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Weather Vane


This Antique Sewing Machine Weathervane was commissioned as a surprise Christmas gift. The husband was excited and proud of his wife’s newly opened quilting studio in their refurbished barn and wanted to properly show his admiration and love. It was a grand surprise, and so in keeping with the history of weather vane use.

When weather vanes moved from purely regal and aristocratic possessions into common society and commerce, they were first used to identify a storefront by their design in a largely illiterate working populace. Hence, a blacksmith would have an anvil design to their vane, an apothecary might have a mortar and pestle, and a butcher often had a pig. A sewing machine for a quilting studio is exactly in line with this lucid approach to discovering a destination!

We don’t often see a weathervane after it has begun to patina so it was a joy to recently receive this wonderful comment and picture from our customer.

“Thought you’d like to know that these days, in the right light, the sewing machine looks almost black and the special touch highlights stand out beautifully. That’s a bluebird perched on top. Flew from feeder to rooftop just before I took the picture.”

This copper sculpture piece is fabricated in swell-bodied style. The details of the mechanics are delineated with optional gold and palladium leafing. It is such a successful combination and the gilded parts will remain in bright contrast to the copper as it darkens and patinas with age. We also added the husband’s personal inscription on the horizontal bar, and attached ‘Lucky Pennies’ representing important dates in the family to the bar’s fletching.

Our master vane maker, Thomas, loves making mechanical devices and has an amazing gallery of pieces he has done, from planes and boats to bicycles, and this sewing machine is another sensational addition. If you have a highly technical vane in mind, we have the artist to do the project.