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Sheep Weathervane – Bighorn Standing

Bighorn Sheep Weather Vane


This Bighorn Sheep Weathervane is a unique West Coast Weather Vanes design. Because we make each of our weathervanes to individual order, our customers specify that their weather vane be made in all copper, in a combination of copper and brass or with optional gold leaf. At the time of order more is specified than the metal combination; customers also select the glass eye color, any inscription they might want, if they want ‘Lucky Pennies’ sealed into their vane and any personalizing changes to the design they would prefer.

We have depicted our Big Horn Sheep perched on a mountain to reflect its natural habitat. It is constructed in swell-bodied style. The sheep’s body is fabricated in copper, the rocky outcropping and hooves and horns are made of brass. Our master artisans worked diligently to get the varying textures expressing the material being represented. Those complicated horns do make one think of horns, and that craggy outcropping is convincing as rock. 

The Big Horn Sheep (Ovis Canadensis), is one of three species of mountain sheep in North America and Siberia; the other two species being Ovis dalli, that includes Dall Sheep and Stone’s Sheep, and the Siberian Snow sheep Ovis nivicola. In lower regions below the tree line, nannies also use their fighting abilities to protect themselves and their offspring from predators, such as wolves, wolverines, cougars, lynx and bears. Even though their size protects them from most potential predators in higher altitudes, females still must defend their young from eagles, which can be a threat to very young kids.