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Sheep Weathervane – Lamb Trotting

Lamb Weather Vane on Hillside

Resting Lamb Weathervane

This sweet Lamb Weathervane was commissioned by a family for mounting on a gazebo they were building at the time. As can be seen in the pictures above it is wonderfully effective.

The sculpture piece of the lamb is crafted in copper in the swell body style, and then gilded with optional gold leaf to bring across the bright clean look of a new born lamb. The rocky outcropping is also copper and the grasses are fabricated in brass. As this piece goes through the stages of weathering it will be charming. The copper will darken to a deep brown before beginning to acquire some green, and the brass will behave in a similar manner but with subtle differences, all while the lamb remains bright.

We purchase the handmade glass eyes from a small firm in Europe in a variety of colors. Here we used dark glass to create a natural look.

Another option is the addition of a collar with tags or bell. Both the collar and tags can be inscribed. Inscriptions are a lovely touch if you are imagining creating a family heirloom.

We have created a resting lamb design that was first commissioned as a sculpture piece in a gate, but it would make a sweet weathervane! The pricing for this little guy is at right.