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Sheep Weathervane – Merino

Merino Sheep Weather Vane


After much interest through the years, we finally found the time to design this Merino Sheep Weathervane. Our farm animal weathervanes are quite popular. They have been selected by farmers, nursery schools, markets, and petting zoos.

As designed here, this merino is fabricated of copper in high detail, swell-bodied style. The glass eyes are brown glass with pupils. There are many options and variations possible with this design. You could add horns, gild for markings and create a portrait, or personalize from photos.

Because the design is complete the $300 design fee will be waived for the lucky customer who orders #1 of the series. West Coast Weather Vanes never repeats a design more than fifty times in any one size and that number is inscribed into the sculpture piece by our artists at the time of construction.