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Sheep Weathervane – Merino

Merino Sheep Weather Vane


This Merino Sheep Weathervane is fabricated of copper in high detail, swell-bodied style. The glass eyes are brown glass with pupils. There are many options and variations possible with this design. You could add horns, gild for markings and create a portrait, or personalize from photos.

One of our customers just sent us pictures of their newly installed Merino Sheep Weathervane with their sheep around it. We have added them to the photos above. We love when we get to see how our sculpture pieces look in the settings they were designed for. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“The weather vane installation is complete and looks wonderful.  We’ve been getting an amazing amount of positive feedback!”

Farm animal weather vanes are quite popular. We’ve had them ordered by nursery schools, colleges, ranches and golf courses!