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Skier Weathervane – Female Schussing

Schussing Female Skier Portrait Weather Vane


Our Schussing Female Skier Weathervane has been modified into a portrait piece here. Our customers sent us a number of cute pictures, with their daughter holding the pose while standing in the kitchen, enabling close-ups in clear focus (not the blur they would get as she shoots by on the slopes!)

We really like the action of this design with the bottom bar on a slant, representing the hillside terrain. And the aerodynamics work well with the body’s crouched position being mostly on the ‘uphill’ side of the supporting spire, assuring that the vane spins perfectly in the breezes.

The addition of a Security Device was requested because the weathervane was to be mounted in an area with high winds.

This copper and brass sculpture piece is fabricated in highly detailed swell-bodied style. Many advanced techniques of repouss√© were used by our fine artisans to create the hair, the skin, the pompom hat, and the puffer jacket. This metal combination, as it weathers, will have a slight but lovely difference in tone. The figure has blue glass eyes. The family name and the year are inscribed on the copper tube, and there are ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from important dates for this family attached to the tops of the skis.

Most of our human and animal weather vanes can be personalized to be portraits….and possibly others we haven’t thought of (we have done ‘portraits’ of boats and cars). If you have a subject you’d like a portrait of, be it person or turtle and beyond, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.