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Skunk Weathervane – Walking

Walking Skunk Weather Vane


This Skunk Weathervane has been quite popular, and mostly as a gift. Think of the delight in opening that package! While this piece reads beautifully up on a roof top it is also quite great in a garden, and has been mounted that way by some customers.

As pictured the copper skunk is fabricated in Detailed Swell Bodied Style. The gilding of the skunk’s distinctive stripe is included in the price of this vane, whether gold or palladium leaf.*

That is the kind of thing you would choose at the time you place your order, as well as the glass eye color and any personalizations. You could even have your skunk with a collar and tags! Another option this customer requested was to have an inscription on both sides of the copper rod this sneaky guy is tiptoeing across. We like it when our clients have fun with their weather vane design process, and this is a fun one, for sure.

We really do enjoy watching skunks antics. Here’s a snippet you might enjoy from our wildlife camera of a ‘Dancing Skunk’ celebrating whatever was the delicious insect or mushroom it had just unearthed.

*Because the cost of gold leaf fluctuates frequently, it is possible that the price for this weathervane could go up or down based on current market conditions. Please verify pricing with us prior to placing your order.