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Soccer Ball Weathervane

Soccer Weather Vane Soccer Ball


This Soccer Ball Weathervane was originally commissioned by the City of Lexington, TN for their new soccer complex. We also offer Male and Female Soccer Player weathervanes but since teams of both genders use the field, they thought a soccer ball weathervane would be more inclusive. Since then we have made this weathervane for soccer club houses, stadiums and even individuals who are passionate about this sport.

This weathervane comes with gold leafed sections which represent the white parts on a soccer ball. As the copper darkens to a rich chocolate brown, the gold leaf stands out in vibrant contrast, creating a very realistic appearance. As the weathervane turns in the wind, the golden accents really catch the eye, celebrating the activity being played out beneath its ever vigilant post.

Worldwide, this sport is also known as Football. The earliest footballs began as animal bladders or stomachs. Today’s soccer ball evolved from a design created by Buckminster Fuller and was significant improvement over earlier balls. Officially called a spherical polyhedron, its nickname is the buckyball. It consists of 32 panels, 20 of which are hexagons and 12 of which are pentagons.

In 1970, during the World Cup in Mexico, the soccer ball acquired its famous black and white markings. Most televisions were still broadcasting in black and white and the alternate markings make it easier for fans to follow the ball.