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Squirrel Weathervane – With Acorn

Squirrel Weather Vane with Nut


The Squirrel Weather Vane is one of our earliest designs and remains one of our most popular. Because squirrels are often seen up high in trees, running along the tops of fences or along rooflines, a squirrel weather vane seems an ideal candidate for a rooftop setting. Plus, we guarantee our squirrel is quite well behaved and will not dig up your bulbs or create a nuisance in your garden!

As shown here, the squirrel and the acorn cap are copper and we have added optional gold leaf to the acorn nut and the belly section of the squirrel. It has brown glass eyes with black pupils to give it a lively appearance. Each weathervane is made to individual order. We can make this squirrel entirely out of copper or add brass accents for a more subtle difference in the metals, it is your choice.

We have made numerous variations on this squirrel design. One couple raised a baby squirrel from infancy after it fell out of its nest. They named him Binky and since his favorite food is peanuts, we made their weathervane with the squirrel nibbling on a peanut instead of an acorn.

Another memorable squirrel weathervane was commissioned by four grandchildren for their grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. When the grandkids were young, they had to spend their summers chasing the squirrels out of their grandparent’s apricot orchards. What seemed like an onerous chore at the time is now a cherished family memory. So, in honor of this golden occasion, they presented their grandparents with a squirrel weathervane holding a gold gilded apricot with a single bite taken out of it amid much laughter and not a few happy tears.

Another great story was a commission from a wife for her golf enthusiast husband’s birthday. Apparently, there was a squirrel living on the course who had it in for him. While playing a round this squirrel would steal his golf ball, and only his golf ball, off the golf course! That squirrel is now immortalized on top of their home, coolly overlooking the golf course, perched proudly on a golf club and grasping a gold leafed golf ball between its paws.