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St. Michael & Dragon Weathervane

Saint Michael and the Dragon Weather Vane


This St Michael and the Dragon Weathervane design was commissioned by a couple who had seen our St. George and the Dragon Weathervane. The wife was an Art Historian, and it was a pleasure to work up the design and research the iconography for this particular angel with her. As the Chief Commander of the Heavenly hosts, Michael usually holds a sword in one hand. In the other, he often carries either a shield, a branch, or a banner. Michael tramples the devil under his feet, which is often depicted as a dragon.

Our customers were gracious enough to send us several photos of their St. Michael Slaying the Dragon Weather Vane once it had been installed on their house; one when it was first installed and one after it had a chance to begin the patina process. The copper had darkened beautifully to a deep chocolate brown color, making the dramatic contrast between the weathered copper and gold leafed sections quite lovely. Eventually, the exposed copper will turn turquoise green, like the Statue of Liberty, and the contrast will be even more stunning.

Quite often customers see a weathervane on our website and it inspires them to think of something entirely new. It is exciting for us as well. We always enjoy the challenge of working up a new design. If seeing one of our weathervanes inspires you, please give us a call. It would be a pleasure to hear your ideas and see what we can come up with on your behalf.

Custom copper weathervanes are part of our larger series of mythological weather vane designs that also feature Dragon weathervanes, Mermaid weathervanes and over 50 other mythological weathervane designs. Please visit our Mythological Weather Vane page to learn more about our other Mythological weather vane designs.