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Sunset Over the Rockies Weathervane

Snow Capped Rockies Sunset Weather Vane


This Sunset Over the Rockies Weathervane design was first commissioned by a family moving to a beautiful location in the Rockies. The vane will be mounted on the barn, where they will live until the house is built. In determining what size to make the sculpture piece a primary consideration was the 150 foot viewing distance they will have when viewing their weather vane from their new home. Sizing, proportions, and background visual distractions all factor in to selecting the best weather vane size.

This is a swell-bodied sculpture piece, created as a mirror image, meaning it looks the same from both sides. The sun is fabricated from brass, and the mountains are copper. As the metals weather and then patina, the difference in their tones will become subtle. For the snow capped mountain peaks optional palladium leaf gilding was requested. This is a lovely visual decision, creating a bright, silvery element between the copper and the brass.

‘Lucky Pennies’ cap each end of the copper tube on which there is a personal inscription. The traditional penny from the year of the vane’s completion is sealed in the sun.

Because the Colorado Rockies can experience powerful weather and very high winds, a Security Device (the little ‘ears’ above the directionals) was requested. Wind considerations were also a factor in deciding to make the sun’s rays in openwork and out of a heavier gauge of brass sheet. We think the openwork rays turned out to be visually brilliant!