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Surfer Weathervane – Hang Ten!

Wave and Surfer Weather Vane


This Hang Ten Surfer Weathervane with Porpoise was commissioned by a wife as a portrait piece to be given to him for their anniversary. Many surfers tell delighted stories of sharing a wave with a natural inhabitant of the waters, often a fun loving and sociable porpoise. The design challenge of creating a sturdy vane while implying both the long board and the porpoise as projections through the wave made for some great, inventive work from the entire staff. Designers, builders, gilders and surfers all worked together to get this right.

We worked from photographs to create the portrait of our customer’s husband, both close ups and long shots of him ‘hanging ten’ in the Pacific Ocean. This vane could be personalized in many ways: male or female, young or old, porpoise or…? All of our weathervanes are made to order and design adjustments to make it truly the image you want to see are encouraged.

The sculpture piece itself is fabricated from copper sheet in high detail, swell bodied style. It is a complicated project and required the work of our most advanced artisans and their personal, custom made hammers to implement the textures and depths you see here. To create distinctive visual separation in the design our client requested optional gold leaf gilding on their son’s skin, and palladium leafing on the sea foam and porpoise. The results are stunning!