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Surfer Weathervane – Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Surfer Weather Vane


Our Santa Cruz Surfer Weathervane was a delight to design. We worked with the customer over some weeks getting the exact combination of realistic surfer and stylized wave that they envisioned. Everyone here loves the result. The sculpture piece is fabricated from copper in detailed, full bodied style. Our artisans have special hammers they have made to create the smooth, yet detailed nuances of pieces like this one.

As pictured, the face, arms, legs and surfboard are highlighted with optional gold leaf. The foam of the breaker has been gilded in palladium leaf. These bright accents will last many decades, even at the seashore, as the copper begins its patina process.

You could personalize this piece to create a portrait of a particular surfer, or request the surfer be a woman or child. Just call and we can discuss these modifications.

Here is a word from these customers.

HI Lizanne—I finally climbed up on our roof and installed the weathervane.  It has already attracted lots of attention.  Quite frankly, we think the Surfer looks spectacular. Please tell your craftsmen we are so pleased with their creation.