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Surfing Weathervane Surfer – Portrait of Skye

Exclusive Surfer Weather Vane


This Surfer Weathervane was originally commissioned by a well known East Coast developer. It is directly across the street from a premier Rhode Island surfing location.

It was crafted in copper in mirror image style, meaning it appears as though the surfer is facing you when viewed from either side. Mirror Imaging is often employed when you do not want a front and back view (for example, in this vane you would not want to see the back of the surfer’s head when viewed from the opposite side). This technique works quite well and gives us increased flexibility in designing our weather vanes.

This customer also requested optional gilding in gold and palladium leaf to enhance its details and to have them remain bright for decades as the sculpture piece quickly patinas in its seaside location. The palladium leaf was added to parts of the wave to create an open airy feel of sea foam without compromising the strength of the piece.

The surfer’s hair, wet suit and surfboard were left with the natural copper finish and will patina a deep chocolate brown in color, eventually turning green. This process can take a number of decades, depending on the climate. We fabricated the waves in brass to create a contrast with the copper and to pick up the coloration in the brass directionals (North, South, East, West arms), which appear below the sculpture piece itself.

Because we make each of our weathervanes to individual order, we can personalize different aspects of the design. For example, the hair can be modified, a beard or mustache could be added, the glass eyes can be a different color and we can even make it a female surfer if so desired!

Surfing is a popular surface water sport, especially here in Santa Cruz, California. Also known as Surf City, Santa Cruz is just one of several Central California coastal communities known for their exceptional surf breaks, which include Steamer’s Lane, 41st Avenue, Ano Nuevo and Mavericks.

This exclusive surfing weathervane was created as a special memorial tribute to Skye Hardin, an award winning Santa Cruz, California based surfer. It was a true honor being a part of this commemoration.