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Swimmer Weathervane – Butterflier

Butterfly Stroke Swimmer Weather Vane


Our Swimmer Weathervane – Butterflier was first commissioned to be mounted atop the pool house gazebo of a family of avid swimmers. They love swimming so much they chose ALWAYS SWIMMING for their inscription on the copper tubing of the arrow the sculpture is built on. This is a detailed swell-bodied piece. The swimmer is fabricated of copper the chop of the water he is swimming in is nickel silver. This customer requested optional palladium leaf be applied to the cap and goggles.

It took a few approaches to come up with a design that worked mechanically and visually as you look up at the weather vane from the ground. We very much like the final design, and so do they!

Our “swimmer” found its rightful place on the new pool house. It is a super addition and we hope he will look over many swimmers over the years in the pool below.

Thank you very much for your efforts. Our “swimmer” looks terrific and we could not be more pleased.