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Tasmanian Tiger Weathervane – Devil

Tasmanian Tiger Weather Vane with Tasmanian Devil


Our Tasmanian Tiger Weathervane with Tasmanian Devil was commissioned by an American who had moved to Australia and after one year there knew she had found her perfect place in the world. She loved everything Australian, and wanted to preserve the images of these two highly endangered native wild animals (we are loath to accept extinct).

As pictured here optional gold leafing was applied to the copper to create the distinct markings of the tiger. As the copper weathers to rich chocolate tones the gold will remain bright. The little devil is crafted in copper and the ground they stand on is brass. There glass eyes are translucent. Our customers select the eye color and style they prefer at the time of placing their order.

Each of our weathervanes is custom made, so if there is an animal or object that captures your passion please let us help you design a weathervane to give it expression.