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Tennis Logo Weathervane-Exclusive

Tennis and Soccer Club Logo Weather Vane


This Tennis Logo Weathervane is a great example of how effective a weather vane can be for a place of business. In Colonial times, businesses used weather vanes to advertise their professions. Perched atop the highest point on a building, they drew people to their establishments. In times before literacy was widespread a weather vane featuring an anvil would represent a blacksmithing establishment and a sailing ship weathervane would indicate a boat builder, etc.

While most people can read today, the tradition of using a weathervane to showcase a business is still in widespread use. In this case, we made a weathervane for a well known Italian tennis and soccer professional to advertise his new facility. We worked from his logo to create this weathervane. We enjoy creating logo weather vanes and have made them for dentists, bookstores, pre-schools, and colleges, among others.

We would love to discuss your promotional ideas for a weather vane. Contacting us is easy, just use the contact information found on the bottom of the home page or the email link.