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Tennis Weathervane – Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet Weather Vane


The Tennis Racquet Weather Vane featured here consists of a copper tennis racquet and ball, with an optional brass grip. Because our vanes are made to order, the choice of metals can be modified at the time an order is placed. A popular variation is to gild the tennis ball, creating a distinct contrast to the copper strings. Yet another option is to craft the tennis racquet with broken strings, symbolizing a swing so powerful the strings simply burst under the pressure! The price for either version of the strings is the same, just let us know your preference.

This is a popular design with various tennis facilities. We offer this weathervane in four sizes to accommodate varied scales of structures. Whether it is being installed on a shelter next to a private residential court or on top of a large multi-court tennis club, you select the best proportioned racquet for your particular installation.  Having created weathervanes for all types of installations, we would be happy to make both size and installation recommendations for your new weathervane. And, if you are in construction right now, we have most standard installation hardware in stock and can send it out as soon as an order is placed, with your custom weathervane following as soon as it is completed.

Some years ago, we made a very special memorial Tennis Racquet Weather Vane. The family commissioned a medium sized (two-foot) vane as a loving memorial to their father, an avid 86-year-old tennis player, Raymond C. Wedlake, who passed away while playing this game he loved. It was placed on the home’s cupola and his widow could look out the window each morning and see it. To quote his daughter, Nancy Wedlake Perry, “Your art will be his memory piece and we all just love it.”